German Intensive Course

In Düsseldorf, the vibrant capital of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), we offer you the unique possibility to enhance your German language skills effectively by studying in one of our high-quality intensive German courses tailored to your needs. We will lead the way to your success and desired proficiency level.


Thanks to our small classes we are sure that you will quickly gain a self-confident attitude and a high competency in using German. While in Düsseldorf, you will have the chance for total immersion into the culture and practice everything you learn in class here in the real world. You will become more and more comfortable in communicating in German having the chance to practice it daily. Exposure is an essential factor to the speed of learning and comprehension.


With us you can customize the course content to your personal needs and tailor it to your learning objectives and your prior knowledge. You will be taught by our trained language experts, who dedicated themselves to efficient teaching, thus focus on providing you with tools to rapidly achieve your individual language goals.


We gladly arrange you an individual offer.

Course Contents

  • Oral expression
  • Listening comprehension
  • Reading comprehension
  • Daily conversation skills
  • Business German
  • German exam preparation for gaining a certificate of proficiency (e.g. Goethe-Zertifikat)

Experience Germany and its Culture with our Activities:

  • Beer brewery tour (Germany has a famous Beer culture, but did you know each City has a unique style of brewing? Come learn about it all)
  • Düsseldorf is home to the famous Carnival, the third most popular festivity in the region, as well as many other regional activities.
  • Factory tours (e.g. Düsseldorf's mustard, car manufacturers)
  • Cooking German Cuisine
  • Tours to castles and palaces

Our intensive course

  • 5-8 participants per class 
  • Start at every month
  • 1 week - 2 months course
  • From beginner to advanced
  • 4-5 lessons a day (Mo-Fr, 4/5x45 Min)


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