About us

Our team

is led by Ran Shiozawa. Since 1999, as one of our founders, she has provided series of language training, interpreting and translation services for major Japanese companies and individuals in Japan. Furthermore, She as a Chinese language teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience contemporaneously having a great reputation for teaching the challenging Chinese language in a easy-to-understand way. Her down-to-earth teaching method of Chinese pronunciation and characters will let you discover that the Chinese language is not so difficult to learn as you thought.


Some of our teachers specialize in foreign languages in universities, and some have language education certificates. They are either native speakers or have high language skills, and have years of experience. They love teaching, they devote themselves to support students in achieving their goals. Our teaching professionals not only teach languages, but also illuminating the culture and customs that are standing behind the language, which will help you to communicate effectively and in a understandable way. 

Ran Shiozawa

Managing Director

We will help you to improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills via:

  • a variety of the latest and practical contents are added and implemented.
  • good balance between input and output.
  • making memorizing vocabulary in a fun and efficient way.
  • helping you master grammar systematically in a short period of time.
  • showing you the common expressions of daily life.
  • helping you maximum benefits in the shortest time with the content you are interested in. 

We ensure that your comprehensive communication abilities will improve quickly.