Language Course for Companies

We provide a wide variety of hands-on courses in German, Chinese and Japanese. From beginners' level to advanced level courses, we will tailor your courses to satisfy the needs of you and your company.


Business courses for companies, organizations and individual professionals, which train the professional language skills needed in the workplace and also impart knowledge of business etiquette. to ensure you and your team are ready for real world encounters. 


We support your success at home and abroad with all our effort.

Examples of past achievements

  • Chinese training from beginner to advanced level for major companies
  • Chinese intensive courses to prepare for overseas assignment for major companies
  • Japanese business conversation training for major companies
  • Japanese-Chinese interpretation for major companies
  • Japanese-Chinese translation for various companies                                                     
  • Japanese, Chinese and English conversation training for individuals

Course Objectives

  • We work with you to design a course with your staff's requirements and interests to promote motivation.
  • To quickly improve your language communication skills in the best proven methods. 
  • To teach touching phrases to facilitate communication with partners and benefit your business.
  • To deliver the latest local information in order to help your company to develop and adapt.  
  • To introduce local business practices, so that you can work smoothly with your present and future partners.

Course assessment

After each course, regarding the learning progress, we provide individual reports of each participant.  Furthermore, we will ask the participants to give their feedback. This help us to develop these courses and guarantee to provide a better result for everyone. Our founding principle is quality and comprehension over quantity.

We are pleasure in helping your staff to achieve their aims within language learning.

Business courses

We offer language courses at any level as follows.


・German, Japanese, Chinese - standard business courses

    The class format includes all types of business communications from interviews, team meetings, presentations, phone/video calls, business writing, appraisals, negotiations, etc. 


German, Japanese, Chinese - intensive pre-assignment courses

    This course is for employees who will be going overseas for work and business trips. It will help you to acquire language communication skills in a short period of time and enable you to carry out your job and life abroad smoothly. This course will help you acquire the language communication skills in a short time to enable you to work and live smoothly abroad.


Chinese factory conversation course for engineers

   The course is for engineers who will be working at a production site in China and working in partnership with a Chinese company. You will learn many useful conversations and common words , which can be used immediately in Chinese factories.


German courses for nurses and nursing staff 

    The course is for nurses and nursing staff who would like to work in German hospitals and nursing homes, which is focused on medical German and communication skills with patients in German.


・Japanese courses for nurses and nursing staff 

    The course is for nurses and nursing staff who would like to work in Japanese hospitals and nursing homes, which is focused on medical Japanese and communication skills with patients in German.



After hearing your goals, we will arrange a curriculum that fits your budget.

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